Bichon Frise Pedigree Dogs-Australia

Our Bichon Frise - tESSIE

Tessie was born on 18th April 2013 from a Brisbane,Qld breeder. She is a Pedigree Bichon Frise. Her pedigree name is Buttress Tessie Teasdale

She has a very loving nature and likes to nurture often cleaning and grooming the other Bichons eyes etc.

She is very playful, active and loves her food. She likes to tease Toby into games and rough him up.

Tessie is great when being groomed and stands like a statue. When she was only a puppy she was so willing to stand still for me that she would drop off to sleep and collapse.

She is good with tricks - 'sit','stand', 'drop', 'come', 'outside for toilets','up' and many other commands

Her most endearing tricks are to be very nurturing and protective of Toby as well as loving cuddles.

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Our Stud - Toby (Oohlalah Huff & Puff)

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