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Grooming your Bichon frise

Many years ago, when I purchased my first bichon frise I did not know much about how to groom her. I was told bichons needed alot of grooming. Well I washed my girl when she got dirty and clipped her coat and I was fine with that. However if you want your bichon frise to look like my dogs you might think about learning how to properly trim their coats. Here is an attachment for you to view on grooming a bichon I don't mind showing you but one terrific video which has been so useful for me is


She has Grooming your Bichon Frise for show quality and

Grooming your Bichon Frise for pet trim

I use "the Bichon Frise-Show Trim" Volume 26. I have found it is wonderful and so many people don't know about it.


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