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gROOMING TOOLS FOR Bichon Frise Dogs

I had to source out many of my products from different suppiers. I think it is best if I provide internet links to let you look for them yourself.

To groom my bichons I get my combs, brushes,ear forceps,blunt nosed scissors mostly from Ozgrooming..see below chart.

Ear cleaners you can get from pet shops. Pet products as in grooming sprays, mouse etc I like Plush Puppy brands you can buy these from dog shows if you prefer or online.

Tear stain remover - I use Glow Groom which is quite good from

Urine free from


Some other products are as follow....


Grooming table.....

Try I got some great bargains there for my products especially my grooming table much cheaper then the shops


Good Pet hair dryers....

I got this one from It is extremely powerful but at such a reasonable price. Lan Tun is the brand I use and it was about $70. Works very well.



You can get them on but I found them a bit dearer in price. Lealean website has lots of good things and they are great to do business with.

Scissors etc... I prefer the Japanese brand. I purchased shear magic brand but it only lasted one year. Here is where I purchase mine from

Shampoos and Accessories - for dog whitening shampoo I like Either Plum White

or EZ Groom Shampoo

The Above links have plenty of grooming scents and other accessories

Grooming DVD- Jodi Murphy

Pet quality grooming -

Show quality grooming